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Thank you for visiting our website today. The Section of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (SODO) at Kyushu University (KU), Faculty of Dental Science was established in 1967 as the first orthodontic department at a national university in the Kyushu area. As the center for dental and craniofacial research and clinical orthodontics in Kyushu, we promote ourselves as world-class researchers and clinicians in the field of orthodontics. We believe that the happy smiles of patients will be supported by the evidence we provide at all levels of clinical and basic research.

For undergraduate students and residents, the SODO welcomes you to visit and discuss your future plans as a dentist. We also welcome you to join us as an active learner if you would like to be an orthodontist and/or researcher. For foreign dentists, we would like to invite you to become involved in our orthodontic specialty education course and/or PhD courses. We welcome people from various parts of Japan and all over the world. We dedicate our lives to contributing to the development of innovations in clinical orthodontics, and are supported by extensive and excellent scientific researchers.

Thank you again for visiting our website.

Ichiro Takahashi, DDS, PhD

2017.11.09 The Best Presentation Awards in 76th Annual Meeting of JOS
2017.04.10 A paper authored by Haruna Yasunaga was published in Clinical Oral Investigation.
2017.04.10 A paper authored by Cieko Arai was published in Scientific Reports.
2016.10.05 A paper authored by Hassan Albogha was published in Annals of Biomedical Engineering.
2016.05.22 A paper co-authord by Kanako Miyazaki, Cieko Arai and Keigo Yoshizaki was published in PLoS ONE.

Reseacher List

Proffesor Ichiro Takahashi
Associate professor Naoto Haruyama
Senior Lecturer Toru Kitahara
Assistant Professor Fumie Terao, Kenji Hoshi, Keigo Yoshizaki, Mhd Hassan Albogha, Shunsuke Nomura
Clinical Fellow Kenshi Noguchi, Kanako Miyazaki, Chieko Arai, Masato Dekita, Yusuke Furukawa, Noriko Ryu
Graduate Student Hidenobu Wakeyama, Yoshihiro Tagomori, Xue Han, Masahiro Arakawa, Yukari Ihara, Marino Sato, Masamitsu Nakanishi, Keita Funada, Yuka Kawaguchi, Fumie Hirose, Yuushi Hirota, Tomomi Yuta, Supakorn Suntornchatchaweach, Kanae Noda, Hidenobu Hiura, Yebo Gu
Kirameki Projects Career Support Center Members Natsumi Yanagita, Mariko Umeda, Kyoko Tsuji, Miho Kotani, Yuuko Hayashida, Noriko Koga


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